The 2014 VMAs Were All About The F-Word


Phew, what a night! From the first performance of “Black Widow” to Queen Bey’s amaze singing, the 2014 VMAs held up its promise to be the most musical and glittery night of the year. In the midst of the slick singing and Moonman awards, there were a number of  moments that showed how entertainment can be a great place to spread important messages (like FEMINISM). Check it out!

+ Ferguson and Michael Brown


In addition to MTV showing a special PSA about Ferguson, Common brought up Michael Brown during the VMAs itself. “The eyes of the nation have been in Ferguson, Missouri,” he said. “The people of Ferguson and St. Louis and communities across the country have used their voices to call for justice and change…” Because, as he said, “each and every one of our lives matters. Hip hop has always been about truth and it’s been a powerful instrument for social change … hip hop has always presented a voice for the revolution. I want us all to take a moment of silence for Mike Brown and for peace in this country and in the world.”

+ Suicide Prevention


Lots of eyes were on Amber Rose’s outfit, but it was Wiz Khalifa’s shirt that really got our attention. Instead of wearing something fancy on the red carpet, he wore a shirt bringing attention to suicide prevention and included the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

+ Robin Williams Tribute


After Fifth Harmony won their Moonman, the VMAs gave a brief tribute to Robin Williams, showing images of him and playing Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars.” We’ll always remember you, Robin.

+ Miley Brings Attention to Homelessness


Everyone was watching Miley to see how she’d outdo herself this year. When she won for “Wrecking Ball,” instead of going on-stage herself, she sent up a homeless young man who accepted the award on behalf of the millions of young homeless people out there. He talked about people being “starving, lost and scared for their lives right now. I know because I’m one of these people.” Please go to Miley’s Facebook page to see how you can help with this cause.

+ Beyoncé and Feminism


Before Beyoncé performed and received her Vanguard Award, fans got to say how much she means to them, including talking about how Queen Bey taught them they’re flawless no matter what. And how she taught them to be strong women who can do anything they put their mind to. During her performance, she made sure to include the feminism part from “***Flawless,” letting the word “Feminist” stand out loud and proud behind her on stage.

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for the most talked-about moments, red carpet photos, the VMA winners list and more.

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