It’s LGBT Pride Month! 6 Ways To Show Your Pride Throughout June

Photo: (Getty Images, Target, Love is Louder, HRC, EveryoneisGay)

Have pride and want the world to know? You gotta let it show! Say “hello!” to summer’s hottest pride fashions and fun accessories! From shirts to headphones, we broke it all down so you can sport your pride all month long.

1. Target’s Pride T-Shirts. (Two designed by Gwen Stefani!) Target just recently debuted their new celebratory line of gay pride shirts! The designs are off the chainnnnn, and none other than Gwen Stefani herself designs two of out of the ten! Between May 20 and June 30 Target will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Family Equality Council. Shirts are available online.

2.  Love Is Louder Headphones. Love is louder than any fashion fopa we make! Instead of rocking dull, boring headphones this summer, spice it up a bit with these new Love Is Louder headphones. With every purchase your money will go to The Jed Foundation’s work and the Love is Louder movement. (I think I need a few pairs of these! Perfect gifts!)

3. Straight But Not Narrow Bracelets. Pride fashion is all about celebrating LOVE, and what better way to do this than have straight allies stand up for the LGBT community? SBNN is advocating just that, and you can now rock it in your everyday style. Their lime green bracelets are a summer must have, but they’ve got plenty of other options, too!

4. Human Rights Campaign Recycled Tote Bag. We all go grocery shopping and run errands… You may as well do it in style and with pride, right!? Get everything on your to-do list done and show your pride with HRC’s recycled campaign bags, and other items! Plus, not only is it a way to rock your pride fashion, it’s a perfect way to give back to our planet.

5. It Gets Better T-ShirtsStarted by Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller, the It Gets Better Project inspires hope for LGBT youth facing harassment.  The mula from the project’s 2012 pride T-shirt goes to funding suicide prevention and anti-bullying programs, providing resources to LGBT youth, and raising awareness. The project store also sells other sweet tees. And get this: Rudy’s Barbershop, the affordably chic West Coast barbershops chain, teamed up with It Gets Better to produce an awesome, vintage-inspired T-shirt, with all proceeds going directly to the cause. Kudos Rudy!

6. Everyone Is Day Pride Pack. Everyone Is Gay accessories has given us an effin’ sweet pride pack, complete with two waterguns, two pairs of sunglasses, two buttons, one carabineer, and one “frisbiebian.” We know what we’ll be wearing to the beach to celebrate LGBT pride month this June!

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