‘Pretty Little Liars’ Confront Fears in Therapy, Bullies in the Hallway

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If  “Legally Blonde” taught us anything about the finite rules of hair care, it’s to forego getting your hair wet for at least 24 hours after a perm. If  “Pretty Little Liars” had such a list of hair care facts, I’m pretty sure the cardinal one would be: the crazier the hair, the crazier the liar.

In a testament to a really fun hair and make-up team, the unruliness that is Spencer’s hair positively correlates to her growing desperation (read: crazy Spencer has crazy hair). In this week’s episode, she finally seems to accept that Toby is irreversibly against her and her best friends, while Emily Fields (whose hair is flawless, natch) seeks out professional help.

+ Spencer Has A Bully

In Rosewood: As if Spencer doesn’t have enough going on with her boyfriend being the kind of evil that nightmares are made of, she has to run into the other A-team member in the halls every day. Knowing how distraught she is over her ex-boyfriend playing for the other (evil) team, Mona takes some time out of her busy schedule of ruining lives and causing mayhem to torment Spencer.

In Reality: Usually the “A” taunts are left to digital means, but, like in real life, sometimes bullies confront you in broad daylight.

What to do: If you’re being bullied at school, talk to a counselor or teacher you trust. Most schools have anti-bullying policies in place to combat situations like this from getting worse. You can also check out the Stop Bullying.gov on ways to get help if you’re being bullied.

+ Emily Talks It Out

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In Rosewood: Remember, before the Halloween episode when Emily (Shay Mitchell) killed Nate, who killed Maya? Well, so does Emily. She’s dealing with a little post-traumatic stress from taking someone’s life, so she goes to talk to local Rosewood therapist Dr. Sullivan because “not talking about it doesn’t seem to work anymore.”

In Reality: You might not be in Emily’s exact situation — having killed someone in self-defense — but you’re dealing with something heavy and important. You feel like you’ve exhausted your options about how to deal with it on your own.

What to do: If you think you need to talk to someone, don’t wait. You can find a list of resources from Half Of Us here.

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