Do Your Friends Baby Their Phones? Try This Prank From

Is it possible to prank for a good cause? Well, has a prank going on that’s aimed to bring down the teen parenthood rate, and you could use it to get your friends thinking about preventing unwanted pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Text
campaign is going on till June 12, and you can “impregnate” your friend’s phone (check out the site or text BABY to 38383 to get started). During a 13-hour period, your friend’s phone will act kind of like a baby, sending them text messages about baby-related situations they’d have to deal with if they were a parent. And if your friends find text messages about spit-up, diapers and crying annoying, you can remind them (nicely!) that this is still nothing compared to a real baby.


If you send this out to six friends, you can enter to be in the running for a $7,500 scholarship. The campaign’s page also has info on different forms of birth control and what rights you have in each state. Because it wouldn’t make much sense to tell someone not to get pregnant but then not explain how to prevent pregnancy. Prank or not, this really is supposed to be about education.

As the campaign points out, it doesn’t want to “insult or demonize” teen parents — it just understands being a teen is hard enough without being a parent on top of it, so it’s trying to give you the resources and understanding you need to keep yourself protected and do what’s best for you. Check it out, and if you have any more Q’s about birth control and preventing unwanted pregnancy, check out It’s Your (Sex) Life!

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