[POLL] Selena Gomez is Single: Who Should She Rebound With?

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Now that Selena Gomez is reportedly no longer a Belieber, she’s on the market for a brand new boo. From a Brit, to a comedian, to a fellow Disney star, here are our top picks for Selena’s next dinner date. He’s gotta be cute, talented, and — since Selena is so into charity work — generous.

+ Zac Efron

Maybe it’s time for Selena to date someone who can grow a mustache! Like Selena, Zac got his start on The Disney Channel, and we already know she’s his type because she kiiinda looks like his ex. From shaving his head to donating his clothes to auctioning his time off for charity, Zac is quite the giver and therefore totally Selena’s type.

+ Harry Styles

From one superstar to another, only this one has a British accent! Score! And just like The Biebz, One Direction’s Harry Styles has a signature hairdo. While fans love his curly locks, he says he’d shave it all off for charity, which is something he’s no stranger to. Along with his band mates, he recently paid a visit to a group of terminally ill children in London, and even granted one girl’s wish of sweeping her off her feet. With that attitude, we think he could sweep Selena off her feet too.

+ Donald Glover

Another great cure for sadness is laughter, and if you watch “Community,” you know that Donald sure knows how to deliver that! Donald (aka Childish Gambino) is involved with Community Connections, an organization that gives people the tools they need to become foster parents.

+ Josh Hutcherson

Not only is Josh Hutcherson a nice guy, but he was in one of the biggest movie franchises of the year. (“I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…” but I am saying it’s going to take a lot of dough to top the epic dates Justin took Selena on.) The “Hunger Games” actor likes to get sweaty, often playing kickball and basketball for charity. He’s also an advocate for Straight But Not Narrow, calling it “an amazing organization…a place where straight people feel safe coming out and saying ‘It’s okay to be gay.’”

Who do you think is best for Selena? Vote for your fave rebound guy below! Your guy not on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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