[POLL] Justin Bieber Is Single: Who Should Be His New ‘Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhh’

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Now that Justin Bieber is single, he can have his pick of pretty much every eligible young woman in Hollywood. But who will he choose? Let’s choose for him, just like we’re choosing for Selena! Considering his good looks, major success, and passion for charity, she’s gonna have to be near-perfect.

+ Demi Lovato

This is Demi Lovato‘s year! Her single “Give Your Heart A Break” went platinum, she’s judging alongside Britney Spears on “X Factor,” she won “Best Video With a Message” at the 2012 MTV VMAs for her inspiring song “Skyscraper,” and she’s never looked better! The only thing missing is a superstar boyfriend. Only one question remains: what would we call them? Jemi, Deiber, Beibato?

+ Carly Rae Jepsen

They’re both Canadian. They share a manager. They’ve already recorded a song together. Need I say more? Carly’s song “Call Me Maybe” is charity enough seeing as it’s given girls and guys everywhere the ultimate weekend pickup line.

+ Kendall Jenner

Justin usually dates older women, but whatever happened to the old fashioned way?! Kendall Jenner is a year younger than Bieber, way gorge’, and it’s about time she steps out of her elder sisters’ shadows and into a power couple of her own. Since Kendall is a model, it comes as no surprise that she’s modeled for charity before. She and her sister Kylie recently rocked the runway at the 9th annual Race to Erase MS in Los Angeles.

+ Ellie Goulding

At 25, Ellie may be a bit older than Justin, but we think the Biebz could handle it. Plus they could make a bunch of awesome cross-genre music together! Ellie loves to run, and encourages her party fans to chase a natural exercise high, so maybe the two could stay healthy together.

+ Barbara Palvin

The Biebz has recently been linked to 19-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. She’s probably received about 19023089 hate Tweets from Selena fans by now, but lez be honest — the girl is HOT. What 18-year-old boy wouldn’t wanna date an Angel? Speaking of hate tweets, if that’s you, you best draw your line gurl.

Who do you think is best for Justin? Vote for your fave rebound guy below! Your guy not on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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Give Pencils of Promise

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