[POLL] Do or a Don’t: Cause Tattoos

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Do you have a fave charity? What about a cause that’s close to your heart? Is there one issue you champion over and over again because you can’t get enough? Now, lemme me ask you this: How far do you go to you show your support? Do you rock clothes that give back? Do you cover your laptop or car with bumper stickers? Would you consider doing something more permanent…like a tattoo?!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – cray cray, right?

But hear me out. After all, I got one.

And yes, one refers to a “cause tattoo.”

I had always known I would get a tattoo — seriously, I wanted ink even as a tween — but I waited to get one until I knew exactly what I wanted.

I first found out about To Write Love On Her Arms online during my first semester of college. I had helped raise money for the organization on Crowdrise; I talked my friends’ ears off about why it was important to me. I semi-stalked TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski when he came to speak at my school three years later.

By the time I decided to finally get my first tattoo, I knew I wanted to somehow represent TWLOHA. So why not get “love” on my arm permanently? The best part about having the tattoo is that I’ve been able to share TWLOHA’s story and mission with every single person who has asked me about it.

When Sophia Bush stepped out rocking a faux triangle of freedom tattoo in support of Invisible Children, I started thinking, Are cause tattoos a “thing” now? And if they’re a thing, are they a do or a don’t?

Maybe you’re following in the footsteps of the Mo Sistas below. For Movember, they got permanent stache tats and the proceeds went to fight men’s cancer. Perhaps you’re showing your favorite non-profit a little love a la me and Sophia. More and more non-profits, including charity: water, are designing temporary tattoos to give out to fans of the causes.

Photo: These ladies go hard for Movember. (Daily Mail UK)

Here are a few celebs we could see rocking the hell out of a cause tattoo:

+ Ian Somerhalder and ISF
+ Justin Bieber and Pencils of Promise
+ Hayden Panettiere and The Whaleman Foundation
+ Shay Mitchell and the Somaly Mam Foundation

No matter the reason, I want to know — would you get a (permanent) cause tattoo? Weigh in our poll below!

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Support TWLOHA

Support TWLOHA

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Learn About Men's Health

Learn About Men's Health

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