Political Jargon Buster: Party Caucus

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45 million 18-29 year olds will be eligible to vote in the 2012 elections, representing the largest potential voting bloc in the country. Learn more about the issues, register to vote and get involved with MTV’s Power of 12. Today, we’ve got another “Jargon Buster” for you.

party caucus (noun): a private meeting for party members to decide policies and choose candidates to run for office

It’s been a long time since we first touched on the caucus question. Given the current state of political affairs, I do believe it’s time for a refresher, no?

Caucuses are yet another piece of the nomination puzzle, along with primaries and conventions and endorsements and showdowns with invisible opponents. They are distinct in that they exclusively invite party members to make the decisions. It’s the forum that lets each party speak as a unit, targeting its message, selecting the people and policies representative of its platform. This isn’t about Dems and GOPs going head-to-head. It’s about each side selecting unified goals to stand by during the race.

It’s about speeches. And rallies. And meetings. And more speeches. And catch-phrases. And speeches. And lots of campaign buttons pinned to lapels.

And speeches.

If the details of these distinctions are making your head spin, take a deep breath and step away from the dictionary. Jacob Soboroff of TakePart offers a visual breakdown that’ll ease your troubled mind and leave you striking up impressive political conversations with ease. Watch and learn:

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