Political Jargon Buster: Convention

Photo: (Take Part)

45 million 18-29 year olds will be eligible to vote in this year’s presidential election, representing the largest potential voting bloc in the country. Learn more about the issues, register to vote and get involved with MTV’s Power of 12. Today, we’ve got another “Jargon Buster” for you.

convention (noun): a formal meeting of members, representatives, and/or delegates of a political party

If Burning Man and Coachella had a politically gifted (if musically challenged) baby, it just might look like a National Convention.

Yes, convention can also mean “a generally accepted set of norms,” but in this case, the “acceptance” is split right down the middle. That’s because we’re gearing up for two major national conventions with two distinct points of view and two very different, fired up candidates ready to rumble. Round one? The Republican National Convention, starting tomorrow…under shaky conditions and questionable forecasts.

Having planned their big show for many, many months, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had to shuffle his schedule a bit on account of Mother Nature — more powerful than Washington, go figure! — and anticipation of heavy storms. However, Magic Mitt and his Republican National Committee cohorts are determined to hold court, rain or shine.

It’s like a music festival, a concert spectacular — the biggest names and supporters in one given party going hog wild for Their Guy. They’ll give speeches, spark inspiration, be surrounded amongst thousands of balloons, rally the crowds, party all night long. This is where the platform gets party’s seal of approval; and this is where, grand-finale-style, the committee makes it’s official nomination for President and Vice President of the USA.

If you want an visual explanation of this whole Convention thing watch the video below from our friends over at Take Part:

Yup. It’s kind of a big deal.

You can follow along on sites like the National Journal to get live streaming coverage of the GOP Convention. Then do the same when the Dems convene in North Carolina on September 4.

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