P!nk Dances Through Rocky Relationship In Stunning ‘Try’ Video

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In P!nk’s stunning new video for “Try,” she and a man with a body like a Greek God use interpretive dance to express the ins and outs of relationships, and colorful paints to demonstrate just how much the emotional wear and tear can affect us over time.

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Amaaazing, right?! P!nk has always wowed us with her physical acrobatics, but in “Try,” she takes it a step further and adds emotion you can’t help but feel. The movement and colors express every last feeling associated with failing love: passion, tension, comfort, discomfort, desire, disgust, bravery, fear, and sometimes even hate.

But what happens in the end? After all the ups and downs, do they run into each others’ arms or violently collide into a chalky, rainbowy cloud?! Maybe that confusion is intentional. Rocky relationships often lead to confusion: Do I stay in or out? Do I get over it or do I find a way back in? Even P!nk knows that one of the hardest things about relationships is losing them.

+Watch P!nk “Please Don’t Leave Me” video.

Although our friends and family tell us that “everything is going to be okay,” the truth is that right away sometimes it isn’t. That’s why mtvU and the Jed Foundation have launched a new series of PSAs and helpful resources on halfofus.com to help people going through break-ups. Most of the sad and silly things we think and do post-break-up are normal (I’ve totally called ex but said nothing…just to hear his voice.), but they shouldn’t go on forever.

If you or someone you know has been riding the ups and downs of a relationship for too long, here are five ways to heal/help out:

+ Talk It Out: If you’re having trouble getting over somebody, talk it out with somebody close to you.

+ Walk It Out: Work out. Go out. See your friends. Even a quick trip to Starbucks or the grocery store can help get you out of a rut.

+ Shut It Out: Uh, uh, uh! Get off of your ex’s Facebook page!

+ Seek It Out: Break-ups are painful as hell, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional help in dealing with them. There is also nothing wrong with suggesting help to a friend.

Watch Out: You CAN live without your ex, but if you or somebody close to you acts or feels like they can’t, visit halfofus.com for tips on what to do or call 1-800-273-TALK for a free confidential chat.

Take action below or head over the halfofus.com for more info on how to deal with tough break-ups.

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