[Photos] Most Stylish Moviegoers At Sundance Film Festival

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Although the Sundance Film Festival may be over, I still can’t stop thinking about all the eclectic fashion I saw. The festival is tucked away up in the snowy mountains of Utah, thus, I saw tons of scarves, coats, and fashionable coats — on top of the amaz films that debuted, OBVI.

Each day I would parade the streets of Main Street and try and find the most stylish/cray cray outfit that I found entertaining. Well, more of them are fashionable but as you can see there are a few that are a bit over the top. But hey, may as well have fun with your fashion, right? During the festival people from all over the world fly in to check out the films, so I had quite the fun time snapping some photos of the randomness that was going on.

+ GG from “Shahs Of Sunset”

+ Adam Shenkman & Nicole Daddona

+ Bingo The Milkman & Yafi Hoch

+ Brent Ryan Green

+ Cast of “The Buried Life”

+ Jake Barciz & Dave Dueisterbeck

+ Jared Eng

+ Kelly Packer

+ Samantha Ledy

+ Sammy Brue

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Collect Jeans for Teens

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take action

Tie the Knot

Tie the Knot

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