[Photos] Beyoncé, Harry Styles + More Ditch Their Limos For National Bike Month

Photos: (Yahoo Sports, Tumblr, Facebook)

Photos: Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Harry Styles on wheels.

Hellooooo May! The most important part of May is obvi my birthday National Bike Month, so I guess we should talk about what I want how to take part. Biking isn’t just for kids. It’s for hipsters, environmentalists, people who wanna save money on gas and basically everyone who lives in Portland. It’s also for celebs like Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, and Beyoncé!

+ Miley Cyrus


Photo: (Getty)

Miley’s accomplished a lot of things in her life — hit songs, world tours, bagging Liam Hemsworth — but girl ain’t too good for a bicycle! She obviously cut her hair so it would fit better under a helmet, seeing as 9 out of 10 people who die in bike accidents aren’t wearing one.

+ Harry Styles


Photo: (Facebook/Harry Styles)

Looks like One Direction‘s Harry Styles is enjoying a spot of tea on the go. Who says you can’t look dapper on a bike?! Even hotter? He’s saving the environment. If one in five students who live within two miles of school would bike instead of driving, it would prevent 356 thousand tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted every year!

+ Beyoncé


Photo: (iam.beyonce.com)

If Beyoncé is down to ditch her limo for a bicycle, I think we can all manage to take ours out for a spin every once in a while. Download the Charity Miles app to earn money for charity with every mile you travel!

+ Prince Charles, William, & Harry


Photo: (Getty)

This classic photo of the British royal family reminds us that cycling is for everyone…and that there was a time when all photos looked like they had been Instagrammed. If you’re not inheriting the crown jewels any time soon, biking is a great way to save money. The annual cost of operating a bike is just $308, compared with $8,220 for the average car!

+ Justin Bieber


Photo: (Norm Hall/Yahoo Sports)

If you’re way over bicycles (and have a few thousand bucks to spare), why not go for a Segway? Bieber‘s all about ‘em, so apparently they’re not just for mall cops.

+ Real World Portland


Photo: (MTV)

In true “Real World” fashion, the Portland cast recently took biking to a whole new level on the Brewcycle. This multi-person bike is a fun and eco-friendly tour of Portland’s finest breweries. Just remember, there is such thing as a B.U.I., and some states penalize biking under the influence just as they would drunk driving. Props to the roomies for staying in the clear!

+ Penn Badgley


Photo: (Getty)

Gah. The fact that “Gossip Girl” star Penn Badgley is dating a girl who sorta looks like me (or so I keep telling myself) gives me way too much false hope for our future.

Oh. I’m sorry. We were talking about bicycles. I’d sure love to be that bicycle. I mean, um … take action below to channel your inner “Real World Portland”-er and learn more about National Bike Month.

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take action

Charity Miles

Charity Miles

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