4 Good Uses For Pharrell’s Grammys Hat


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One of the biggest highlights of the Grammys? Sorry, Bey and Jay, but it’s gotta be PHARRELL’s big-ass hat. Smokey the Bear and Arby’s jokes aside, here are four other good uses for the hat that stole the Grammy Awards!

+ He’s Campaigning for the Oscars


Pharrell is covertly campaigning for Matthew McConaughey to win an Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club.” I MEAN — how can he not? Did you see the film? McConaughey plays Texan Ron Woodroof ,who provided himself and others with life-saving HIV/AIDS medication in the 1980’s. Keep campaigning for him, Pharrell, and maybe he’ll “get lucky.”

+ Pharrell Is Saving the Dolphins


The Internet is wondering what’s in Pharrell’s hat? We think he’s collecting money throughout the night and donating to save the dolphins as they’re being being targeted this month in Japan.

+ He’s Helping Those Who Are Really F’ing Cold


Pharrell is rocking that hat tonight, but tomorrow we HOPE he gives it to a person who needs it, as it’s the coldest winter we’ve seen in 20 years.

+ Pharrell is Promoting Peace


Pharrell is channeling his inner Canadian Mountie. You might remember the Mounties making a comeback four years ago, at the closing ceremonies for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. NO? OK, well thanks to Pharrell we are reminded again of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canada is so peaceful and all and so is Pharrell so maybe he’s telling us to increase the peace!

Oh and best fact about the hat? Our friends over at Style have confirmed that Pharrell has been rocking it since 2009. And it’s most likely inspired by the early 1980’s music video for “Buffalo Gals” by Malcolm McLaren & the World’s Famous Supreme Team.

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Save Japan Dolphins

Save Japan Dolphins

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