Pencils of Promise Gets Top Marks With Its “Back to School” Campaign

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Back-to-school season has just started, and already Pencils of Promise is getting top marks. The education nonprofit launched its “Back to School” campaign Tuesday and – thanks, in part, to Vine star Brent Rivera – has already raised $84,000.

It’s not always easy to get kids excited about going back to school. It’s even more of a challenge when you’re asking donors to fund scholarships for kids they’ll probably never meet. That wasn’t a problem for Pencils of Promise, however; the nonprofit’s #GiveBackToSchool hashtag was the #1 trending hashtag worldwide on Tuesday.

In addition to making waves on Twitter, the PoP team capitalized on an exciting offer from an anonymous donor; the benefactor offered to donate $5 – up to $25,000 – for each photo posted on Twitter or Instagram with the official hashtag. Thanks to Rivera’s help, the organization reached the $25,000 cap within an hour.

The supporters aren’t just helping fund education for others, though; they’re also giving themselves a chance to get funded! Supporters who create a “Back to School” fundraising page this year will be entered to win a $500 scholarship, with one U.S resident winning each week.

Wondering why these scholarships are so important in the first place? Not only is investing in education one of the “single most effective ways” to reduce poverty, but you’re also helping to improve the lives of everyone in the country. Head to the Back to School page to find out more.

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