Who Said It: Paul Ryan or 2 Chainz? It’s Rapper or Republican, Battle Of The No. 2s!

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He’s only been on the job like 3 days, but that doesn’t mean Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is safe from our fave sound-off shakedown. And who’s that in the opposite corner of the Rapper or Republican ring: 2 Chainz (UH)!

#WhatWould2ChainzSay blew up Twitter and now it’s taking over this DC vs MC quote quiz, but just because you once spent hours crafting a 140-character rhyme for the Hotlanta hip-hop artist doesn’t mean you got this thang on lock. Turns out the quick-witted Mouth from the South has plenty in common with this opinionated Congressman from Wisconsin — Chainz even tried to creep on Ryan’s Veep status (and end Nic Cage’s career) according to Wikipedia — so y’all are ’bout to be all sorts of confused!

First off, these headline grabbers are both up-and-comers at the top of the number 2 game. 2 Chainz is the “King of Features,” topping off hot tracks like Kanye West’s “Mercy,” Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in Da Trap” and Ciara’s “Sweat” with his signature rap icing. Likewise, Ryan aka “The Deficit King” (he wants to slash debt like whoa with his Roadmap for America’s Future) is bringing conservative swagger to the hotly contested VP role on Mitt Romney’s White House ticket — so he could be the second most powerful dude in DC if the GOP ticket wins in November. The establishment can’t get enough of these two rising stars — Kanye and Drake are in full bromance mode with the Artist Formerly Known as Tity Boi and the Republican leadership is straight chugging Ryan’s Capitol Hill Kool-aid.

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Both also like to follow their own REALigion when it comes to their work style — 2 Chainz ain’t skeerd to push boundaries when he spits those G.O.O.D. lyrics and Paul Ryan is bringing statistics back with his hardcore policy number-crunching. And they def know about the hustle: Ryan used to drive the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile back in the day and 2 Chainz was an independent gameslinger for a hot minute before Def Jam put a ring on it.

Finally, former personal trainer and workout fanatic Pretty Boy Paul (y’all just can’t stop googling “Paul Ryan shirtless”) can appreciate that Doz Chainz makes a girl blast those abs for some QT, even on the first date. Plus, we’re pretty sure these two both love to count money — although 2 Chainz’s “Spend it” mantra is basically the exact opposite of Ryan’s debt reduction plan — and kill sh*t. (Paul Ryan really does.)

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No lie, IDing these soundbites is gonna be a challenge since these “It” boys are full of surprises. (Right-wing Ryan is into lefty Rage?) Put on your unsnapped caps and brush up on your budget cuts cuz this quote quiz is based on a T.R.U. story!

1. “I’m very transparent, what you see is what you get. I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

2. “I’m not trying to be somebody else. I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not.”

3. “They respect my journey and where I came from. It wasn’t an overnight success.”

4. “I’m only doing stuff that makes sense for me and my campaign.”

5. “I planned a different path for my life when I was younger.”

6. “We wanted to do something that people weren’t doing. Add substance to the game.”

7. “I just sorta rolled with it.”

8. “Let me go to work.”

9. “Well, that’s because I like myself too much.”

10. “Because you just have to have that hard fire in the belly, to want it very badly, and I don’t.”

11. “It’s all about me continuing to work hard, not getting complacent and definitely staying humble.”

1. 2 Chainz 2. Paul Ryan 3. 2 Chainz 4. 2 Chainz 5. Paul Ryan 6. 2 Chainz 7. Paul Ryan 8. 2 Chainz 9. Paul Ryan 10. Paul Ryan 11. 2 Chainz