What Is One Direction’s Liam Payne’s Anti-Hate Shirt All About?!

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2012 has no doubt been the year of One Direction (so glad we agree) capturing the hearts of Directioners worldwide and causing hysteria wherever these hunks set foot. Recently Liam Payne (I DIE) was photographed with his GF Danielle Peazer in NYC where he and his fellow bandmates played a gig, okay not JUST a gig, but Madison Square Garden. A show they sold out in minutes. Quite a big deal, fellas! Another big deal? Nope, not the fact that he’s rekindling a romance with Danielle. It was THE t-shirt Liam was rocking!

We LOVE the anti-hate shirt he was rockin’! So we decided to come up with some ideas about his shirt’s significance! Is he trying to say something? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Okay, here we goooooo!

+Liam Shirt Is ‘Bout His GF

Like every man should, Liam is standing up for his lady! Or so we think. LP rocking this tee just might be his way of getting this message out to the press that love her or hate her, Danielle is his woman! Sadly, this is something quite close to Liam since he’s been berated for dating Danielle before and even Tweeted about it in June. So can we all just play nice now, folks?

+Liam’s Shirt = Animal Luv

The anti-hate shirt could also be representing his love for animals ’cause no one should be cruel to innocent critters! He is quite the lil’ animal lover and even recently just got a new puppy named Brit! So cute! But is the dog named after his motherland or Britney Spears?! Along with the puppy love, he also gave the polar bears some love recently by Tweeting out his support for saving the Arctic. Not only is Liam ridiculously cute (with or without hair!) but his love for animals is so presh!

+Liam’s Shirt Is All OH HELL NO To Bullying

When you’re in the spotlight it often comes with massive criticism, and sadly, Liam has faced bullying. Bullying isn’t something new to Liam either. He opened up to Seventeen Magazine about how he coped with it growing up as a young kid. He revealed, “I went to camp to learn boxing.” Always remember guys, #LoveIsLouder than a bully trying to bring you down! I mean, look at Liam now.

+Liam’s Shirt + Liam’s Life = Don’t Hate

Last but not least, his shirt may just be him standing up for himself! Stop hatin’ on Liam, peeps! Last month he took to Twitter to debunk some of the haters fueling those nasty rumors. He Tweeted, “Okay bored of constant news articles… I’m not dating Leona … My YouTube channel isn’t for a solo career and I didn’t insult Kim k…Pow!” He also Tweeted yesterday about how security was rude to his family at the Empire State Building. Not cool. Leave the kid alone. His only crime is being so damn cute, K?

What do you think Liam’s shirt means! Tell us below in the comments below!

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