Olympic Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber Speaks Up On Dating Abuse

"No More Silence: It's Time To Talk Day" With Jordyn Wieber
Jordyn get a gold medal for bringing awareness to such an important issue.

By Melissa Unger

Do you like talking to your parents about dating? Have you ever discussed a healthy dating relationship? Do your parents even know who you are dating? If not, you’re not alone. There is a silent epidemic impacting 1 in 3 teens in America.

According to It’s Time To Talk, teen dating abuse is an urgent epidemic affecting 1 in 3 teens. Sadly, only 27% of teens have discussed teen dating violence with their parents.

It’s Time To Talk is trying to change that by encouraging teens and their parents to discuss dating violence. They’ve championed February as National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and kicked off their campaign with a New York City Talk-A-Thon christened as “NO MORE Silence: It’s Time To Talk Day.”

This day of awareness urges parents to talk to their teens about healthy dating and relationships. Olympic Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber and her mother, Rita Wieber, joined hundreds of parents, teen survivors, violence prevention experts and teen advocates in New York City to get the conversations started about healthy dating.

"No More Silence: It's Time To Talk Day" With Jordyn Wieber
Jordyn and her awesome mom, Rita.

+ Why this issue?

Jordyn said “being part of It’s Time to Talk Day was an amazing experience.” The 18-year-old commented on the issue saying, “Dating violence is a huge problem among teens my age….Even though so many kids are experiencing it, very few parents are talking about it.”

+ Do you talk to your mom about dating?

She noted it’s a tough convo to have when you’re a teen. She said, “I think it’s difficult to talk about this issue because talking about relationships can be awkward. Especially for teenagers who are getting into their first relationships, they might not know what’s normal and what’s not.”

But Jordyn shares real talk with her own mom. “My mom and I have talked about relationships before. I’ve been fortunate that we have a close relationship and I know I could come to her if I ever had questions about what’s healthy in a relationship.”

+ How do you know you’re in a healthy relationship?

She elaborated by saying, “Healthy relationships should be fun! You should feel free and safe to be yourself. If not, you should talk to your parent or another adult that you trust about what’s going on.” She also said, “There are many warning signs that your relationship might be unhealthy, but for starters, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is constantly checking in on you, tries to control what you wear, who you spend time with, or makes you feel afraid — all of those could be signs that your relationship is unhealthy and could be abusive.”

+ How do you get help? Can I text someone?

Jordyn mentioned, “There’s a text for help service, provided by Love Is Respect that can connect you with help 24/7 if you have a question about the health of your relationship. Just text ‘loveis’ to 22522 to get started.” Jordyn added, “I think most people feel like dating violence couldn’t happen to them. But that’s just not true. Dating violence and abuse can happen to anyone. The more we talk about it the better chance we have of ending it.”

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