Act-Off! Nicki Minaj + Mariah Carey or Shakira + Usher: Which New Judges Get Your Vote?

Photo: (Getty)

Everything seemed to work out for JLo and Xtina, so it’s looking like nabbing A-listers as judges is now a thing. A big thing! This winter, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are set to hit the “American Idol” judges’ table while  Usher and Shakira will hit “The Voice.” The judges will go head-to-head on seperate networks, but we can’t wait for that — so we’ve got them facing off…now.

Nickariah (Nicki + Mariah) have both made headlines for their political involvement this election, which makes my inner political science nerd so happy! Nicki made a rap, while Mariah threw her support behind President Obama and performed a tune at a fundraiser! We love celebs who venture into the political arena!

Next up is Usher and Shakira, who will be replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo on the next season of “The Voice.” Each one have foundations that help the youth of the world. Usher’s New Look Foundation helps empower youth to succeed while Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation is working to make education available all over the world!

So who’s side are you on? Take action on your favorite’s cause below!

+ Follow in Nicki and Mariah’s footsteps and inform yourself on the upcoming election. Support Power of 12!

+ Join Usher and Shakira on a mission to help the kids of the world! Follow @BarefootFound and @UshersNewLook on Twitter to get involved!

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