7 Act-Approved Neon Fashion Trends: Fight AIDS, Cancer, Poverty + More!

Photo: (H&M, Warby Parker, Heather Marter, TOMS)

As we head into summer, both the sun and the runway are shining brightly. Neon clothing and accessories are all the rage, and fashionistas everywhere are making bold color choices. From shirts, to sunglasses, to do-it-yourself shorts, we’ve compiled a list of neon fashions that look — and do — good. If you typically steer clear of neon clothing for fear of looking like a misplaced ‘80s highlighter, we’ve also included a few tips for wearing bright colors right.

Clockwise from left: Warby Parker Colton Eyeglass, Sseko Neon Lime Sandal, NFL’s Seattle Seahawks Nail Polish For A Cause, Heather Marter’s Pink Feather Keychain, Sure Glow 3 Led Braclets, TOMS Tyler Ramsey Natural Neon Women’s Classics, H&M Fashion Against AIDS Jacket

1. Warby Parker eyeglasses. Hipsters don’t like to stand out (or so they claim…), but Warby Parker’s orange Colton frames will add just the right amount of neon to any hipster’s attire. For every pair you buy, a pair will be donated to someone in a developing country with vision needs!

2. TOMS shoes. TOMS Shoes come in a variety of colors, including several neon options. These casual kicks are the perfect way to add of pop of color to any outfit without looking too much like the marked up pages of a ninth-grader’s copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need.

3. H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS jacket. From neon iPhone cases to the above neon-patterned jacket, H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) line is raising funds and awareness the fun way: through awesome, affordable clothing. So far, FAA has donated over $6,000,000 to various international youth HIV/AIDS awareness organizations. When wearing a bold, patterned jacket such as the one pictured above, try to keep the rest your outfit simple like Kelly Osbourne, or like this other hot but unhappy chick.

4. Sseko sandals. Sseko Designs hires Ugandan women who want to go to college, but cannot afford tuition or find employment in the country’s difficult job market. Every pair of sandals purchased from Sseko helps send these women to school. The sandals come in various colors (including neon lime, pictured above), and with removable, interchangeable straps so that you can wear one pair in hundreds of unique ways.

5. The NFL’s Nail Polish For A Cause. The NFL has partnered with the American Cancer Society to make team-colored nail polishes that come paired with a bottle of pink polish. Proceeds go towards the fight against breast cancer, and whether your favorite football team’s colors are neon or not, it’s a cause worth supporting!

6. Real World: Vegas’ Heather Marter’s Pink Feather Keychain. “Real World Vegas” roomie Heather Marter has designed a neon pink keychain, from which 100% of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. With a neon pink feather attached to your keys, you’ll never lose ‘em again!

7. LED bracelets. Raving may not be good for our bodies, but it CAN be good for the environment. Invest in some reusable glowing bracelets, so that the radioactive goop inside of those disposable ones doesn’t end up in the belly of an earthworm.

Bonus! Do-it-yourself neon shorts. You didn’t think we’d talk about charity and not tell you how to help yourselves, did ya?! Check out this AHHH-MAZING neon shorts video tutorial on how to turn an old pair of pants into summer, neon hotness. The vid is totally act approved, as turning jeans into shorts is just another form of recycling…right?!

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