Sweet Tweet: Nelly Furtado Needs Your Vote!

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When it comes to the gift of giving, Nelly Furtado knows what’s up. Not only is she releasing a trio of music videos (that’s right, THREE!) for her new single “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better),” she’s also putting the spotlight on her favorite charity Free the Children, which is dedicated to empowering youth to volunteer.

This year, in addition to celebrating the hottest hits and artists of today, the Billboard Music Awards is asking the public to help Nelly, Justin Bieber, Jordin Sparks, and Usher earn $20,000 for the nonprofit closest to their heart. Only one of them can win, and it all comes down to how many votes they rake in from YOU, the fans. Plus, anyone who votes has a chance to win a trip to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards on May 20.

“Free the Children, they’re all about children raising money for other children in other places,” shared Nelly. “Some of their largest donations come from schools that are in at risk communities all over North America. So even these children are taking the time to fundraise for these communities that are worse off then them in other regions of the world.” Check out what all the artists have to say about their favorite charities in the action widget below, and vote for your #1 charity from these stars.

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Follow Free The Children

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