NBA Lockout Got Ya Down, Get Involved In The Game of Good

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Seems like it’s tough to negotiate these days. Sammi and Ronnie can’t get it together when it comes to love. France and Germany are in disagreement ’bout Greece’s financial bailout. And the NBA is STILL in a lockout — negotiations have not been resolved this week.

Our pal, Knicks forward and occasional fashion designer Amar’e Stoudemire is even mulling over creating an alternative bball league. He might also join cohorts Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony in an international exhibit tour.

If the NBA lockdown got you down, you can turn that frown upside down and get involved in the organizations below, aimed to keep kids dribbling across the world. While some people might not have solutions, we’d like to think we have a few here. If only we can figure out the financial crisis in Greece.

+ Hoops Of Hope
Rally your friends and teammates to shoot free-throws for a couple hours, and help orphaned children in Africa through the non-profit, Hoops Of Hope. Started by thirteen year old Austin Gutwein, Hoops of Hope urges young people to stage a ‘more-fun walkathon’ by raising $1 per hoop shot. 100 percent of all profits go directly to Africa, where schools have been built and educational resources provided to children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

+ Kerosene Lamp Foundation
Superhero athlete Adonal Foyle created the Kersosene Lamp Foundation to give children in his native St. Vincent the resources necessary to “grow into healthy, well educated adults.” Using basketball as a connector, KLF provides academic and athletic training, health awareness and mentoring to over 5000 kids in the Caribbean. Through donations, you (and your friends) can help sponsor a child, a coach, an entire team or even help refurbish a court for at-risk youth.

+ The YMCA
Get involved in the game by volunteering at your local YMCA. Thousands of kids filter through Y’s across the country every day, many looking to play a pick up game and find a mentor. Signing up is the easy part. It’s beating a kid younger than you at basketball that’s really the challenge.

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Find Your Local YMCA

Find Your Local YMCA

Find your local Y, and be a basketball mentor.