Sweet Tweet: Naya Rivera Wants You To Know You’re Loved

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You can find a lot of stuff on the Internet, but  you need to look no further than Naya Rivera’s Twitter page for some great advice on how to go through life.

Naya tweeted this bit of advice:


This tweet got retweeted and favorited thousands of times, showing we’re not the only ones who appreciated what she said. This tweet of wisdom came just after she was thanking her fans for being so awesome and suggesting you don’t let the “he say she say” stuff (in other words, arguments) get you down.

Being our best selves (kind, steady, confident, etc.) is great wherever you go. Like Naya said, it’s important to keep your head high, stick to your ideals and feel loved no matter where you are. Sometimes home, school and the Internet can be difficult places. All this can vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Naya’s been facing weird stuff lately. Have you heard those rumors going around that she’d been dropped from “Glee”? They’re not true, but she’s still had to put up with them, especially on the internet. By being classy throughout weird situations like these, a person can make a big diff. (And, yup, that includes being classy on the internet!)

So what do you think of Naya’s advice? Is there anything you would add to her statement, or do you think it’s pretty much perf as it is? What helps you stay true to yourself and know that you’re loved?

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