Celebrate! It’s National Voter Registration Day

Photo: (MTV)

Today is National Voter Registration Day and organizations across the U.S. are celebrating by registering themselves, registering their friends, family, strangers — and whoever else wants to join the party. As part of MTV’s Power of 12, MTV is getting in on the action and going red white and blue on-air and online for the occasion.

Registration deadlines are quickly approaching– so if you’ve been putting off registering to vote, today is the day to join us and become the life of the political party. Our nifty registration tool makes it super easy. Already registered? Remind your friends!

A celebration isn’t complete without a series of dedicated gifs! With help from Mr. GIF, we pulled together some incredible artists who donated their time and art to get out the national voter registration day message on tumblr. Check ‘em out below!

+ Gif Gallery


by: Sam Brown

by: Christina Lu

 by: Roger Von Biersborn 

  by: Eliza Kingsbury

by: Jane Mai

by: Lee Rubenstein

by: Mr. Gif

by: Mark Minnig

A big thanks to our artist friends at MTV for getting in on the National Voter Registration Day gif love as well: Laurel Woods, Robyn Rock, Lance Ehlers, Sean Gresens, Gusto, Graeme, Gavin Alaoen, Christine Weber,  Christa Padovano, Ami Chan and the talented Mr. Gif for art directing. Check out mtvpowerof12.tumblr.com  for all the gifs and reblog your heart out in support!