Mika is Making Waves On the MTV Music Meter! So We’re Throwing a Party With Green Cups

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Mika is making waves on the MTV Music Meter, and currently sits at #30 on the Mainstream Chart. Get to know a little more about the British singer-songwriter on his artist page. To celebrate his climb on the chart, we’re highlighting a cause near and dear to his heart — Mother Nature! (Oh…So is that who “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” is all about?)

Late last month, the “Grace Kelly” singer took to Twitter to take a stand on the environment and waste reduction:

According to Earth Distributers, around 430 billion single-use food and drink containers are used per year. That’s 140,000 containers per second, most of which require more than 200 years to even partially biodegrade! Mika suggests restaurants use a “rent-a-plate” system to encourage those who order takeout not to use so many paper plates and plastic forks.

Here are a few other ways to reduce your waste and still consume as much orange chicken in your pajamas as you’d like:

+ When ordering takeout, opt out of receiving disposable cups, plates, and utensils, if possible.

I guess there’s no possible (or at least mess-free) way to order a beverage without a cup, but when it comes to plates and utensils, use what you’ve already got at home. Bring your own china and silverware to work and bust it out whenever you spot free food in the break room. Be the cool kid filling your Winnie The Pooh mug at the water cooler rather than using disposable plastic cups. All of these little things will make a big difference in how much waste you produce over time.

Reuse plastic takeout containers.

Tupperware is something I refuse to purchase for at least another five years. Just the notion of buying Tupperware screams “GROWN UP!” to me, and I am so not ready to call myself that. Instead, I save the lids and containers from Chinese takeout, and use them to pack lunches and store leftovers in. Nothing feels better than saving the environment and my youth at the same time!

If you must use disposable containers and utensils, purchase eco-friendly brands.

If you’re having a party and there’s no way you can bypass using disposable plates and utensils, most grocery stores now offer an assortment of eco-friendly brands. Plates made out of cane-fiber are 100% biodegradable and compostable. SpudWare — cutlery made from potato starch — biodegrades in only 180 days! Even those infamous red Solo cups that I probably sipped too much from in college have a biodegradable alternative.

April is Earth Month, and like Mika, I think we could all be a little more conscious of how our actions (and appetites) impact the environment. If you’re passionate about the environment, take action with the National Wildlife Federation below, and keep up with our blog for more Earth Month updates!

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