Music Contest To Trade Grammy ‘Backstage Experience’ For Drug-Free Songs

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Ready to let your inner KatyGagaNickiKanyeTaylor shine?

The GRAMMY Foundation, MusiCares, The Recording Academy and the National Institute on Drug Abuse want you to bring it, full throttle, for their second annual Teen Music Contest.

How to play: Write an original song–add a music video if you’re feeling ambitious–about your take on drug use and abuse. How does it affect you? Your friends? Your school? Why should we care about tackling drug addiction? What is the toll drug use takes? (The boring/gross/obnoxious factor is fair game.)

What’s at stake: The first place winner will get hooked up with the GRAMMY Awards “Backstage Experience,” that will give them access to a pre-show rehearsal in LA next January. Second and third place winners will get their stories and projects published on the GRAMMY 365 website, the Above the Influence campaign and, lucky you, right here on Act.

Last year’s entries were pretty off the chain. Daevion Caves, 18, and Jordan Earle Atkins, 16, won the grand prize with the dangerously catchy “Drug Free State of Mind,” a song and video that hits the heartstrings (and hints at future stars, IMHO). Take a peek at all of the 2010 GRAMMY Music Contest winners for inspiration.

The rules:

  • You have to be 14 to 18 to enter, so if you’re in high school, you’re in luck. Take a cue from Daevion and Jordon and team up with a friend, or show off your solo act if that’s your bag. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it’s original.
  • Stick with the theme. Share your experiences and opinions on why drug-free is the way to go.
  • Enter your song and/or music video by October; winners will be announced the last week in October.

Bust out GarageBand and your karaoke mic and get to it for a chance to win.

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