MTV2 ‘Guy Code’ Star Gets Tested For STDs, And The Results Are In

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Whether you’re a guy in need of advice or a gal trying to figure out WTF is up with the opposite sex, MTV2’s show “Guy Code” is exactly what you’re looking for.

Each episode features a bunch of funny guys and hot chicks talking about everything “guy,” from sexting, to wing-manning, to man-scaping. In this exclusive clip, Julian McCullough shares his views on sexual health and getting tested:

Here are a few other facts and myths about sex and STDs, courtesy of MTV’s It’s Your (Sex) Life:

+ MYTH: You can tell by looking if you or someone else has an STD.

Just because it looks fine doesn’t mean it is fine. (Sorta like my hot ex who turned out to be INSANE.) In fact, 1 in 5 people living with HIV in the U.S. doesn’t know they are positive! The only way to know your sexual health for sure is to get tested.

+ FACT: 1 in 2 sexually active people will get an STD by the age of 25!

This means that statistically, one of the two dudes fist pumping at the bar, and one of the two girls tasting each other’s cherry Chapstick for male attention either has had or does have an STD. If you wanna gamble, do it in Vegas, not in…something else that starts with a V…

+ MYTH: Sex in a pool/hot tub will prevent STDs and/or pregnancy.

False! Michael Phelps doesn’t get off that easy! If you’re having sex, the only way to help prevent STDs and pregnancy is to wrap it up!

+ FACT: Condoms are the only method that provides protection against both unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

If you have yet to sit through the awkward condom-banana demonstration, and are wondering how exactly to don a pecker poncho, IYSL has an entire page of wiener fashion tips for you!

+ MYTH: Two condoms are better than 1.

Were two popped collars ever better than one?! No, and the same goes for condoms. You can double bag your heavy groceries, but wearing two condoms actually makes it more likely for them to rub against each other and tear.

For other sexual info — from pregnancy prevention to where to get texted — take action below, and watch “Guy Code” on MTV2 every Tuesday night at 11/10c.

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