MTV’s Twitter Calls Bull%&#* at the Debates

Photo: (Getty Images)

We got a big announcement, you guys! As part of MTV’s Power of 12, MTV’s Twitter (@MTV) will be taking a break from live-Tweeting the latest  shows to live-Tweet the Presidential Debates, starting tomorrow at 9 pm EST. There’s a twist though!

We’re teaming up with non-partisan experts at to fact check Romney and Obama — all in real-time.  Additionally, we’ll also be live-blogging our fact checks from the MTV Power of 12 Tumblr with FlackCheck resources in case you want to do your own detective work.

If one of the candidates makes a statement that isn’t quite right, we got your back to get the real deal about key issues like the economy, healthcare, jobs and more. Be sure to follow @MTV and check out for the full scoop!