MTV Quiz! Why Are Snooki, Jayson Blair & Farrah Taking Action?

Photo: Snooki, Jayson Blair, Farrah (Getty Images)

We take a look back at what some of your MTV faves said about taking action. You think you know, but you have no idea. Or do you? Quiz yourself!

+ Jersey Shore‘s Snooki

America’s favorite “Jersey Shore” meatball took some time during Season 3 to share what she does for charity. She’s passionate about two things–and no, it’s not pickles and tanning. One is inspired by her dad’s career, the second by what she studied in college before hitting up the Shore house:

a. Teachers and community organizers.
b. Firemen and animals.
c. Lifeguards and doctors.

+ The Hard Times of RJ Berger‘s Jayson Blair

He might give RJ Berger hell, but in real life, Jayson Blair (aka Max) ain’t half bad! Which MTV-led campaign and which nonprofit organization does Jayson support?

a. A Thin Line; It Gets Better.
b. Get Schooled; Charity Water.
c. Love Is Louder; Generosity Water.

+ Teen Mom‘s Farrah

MTV cameras have captured many of Farrah’s drama-filled moments–including the news of her baby’s father’s death and a bitter fight with her mother. In our interview with the teen mom, we saw another side of her. Which of the following did Farrah NOT list as an interest of hers?

a. Sex trafficking.
b. Improving the educational system.
c. World peace.

Answers: SnookiJayson BlairFarrah

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