MTV Quiz: Why Are Tyler Baltierra, Lenay Dunn And Tyler Posey Taking Action?

Photo: Tyler Baltierra (People), Tyler Posey and Lenay Dunn (Getty Images)

We take a look back at what some of your MTV faves said about taking action. You think you know, but you have no idea. Or do you? Quiz yourself!

Teen Mom‘s Tyler Baltierra

Over on Twitter, Teen Mom‘s Tyler and Maci exchanged a few words of encouragement. After Maci shared how much she respected Tyler and Catelynn, Tyler replied:

a. “Respect is deserved to u as well, ur very strong Maci”
b. “<3 thx, tell Ryan we say hello”
c. by retweeting Maci.

+ 10 on Top’Lenay

Lenay stopped to chat with us at the 2011 Video Music Awards black carpet. We asked her, among other celebs, what she thought about Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” winning Best Video With A Message. She said:

a. “When I first heard it, I thought it was Madonna! I love it though, it’s so empowering.”
b. “So many people can use that as an anthem, that no matter how you were born, that’s who you are.”
c. “That song is our generation’s anthem. I’m thinking about getting it tattooed on my ankle.”

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey

On the same black carpet, we asked celebrities what they were wearing…that they’d take off to donate to charity. Tyler said he’d donate his underwear and:

a. socks.
b. his lacrosse jersey.
c. necktie.

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