MTV Movie Awards’ Best Hero Nominees Are Heroes IRL Too!

Photos: (Warner Bros., Universal Pictures)

Photos: (Warner Bros., Universal Pictures)

What do Batman, Catwoman, and Snow White have in common? No, not a spinoff movie, but they’ve made MTV’s list of best hero noms!

This past year many of us have been captivated by on-screen heroes in some of the biggest blockbusters. Some, who were first introduced to us through old school comic strips, others have been created by exceptional authors (Word up, J.R.R. Tolkien!) They’re all out to save lives, love, society — in one way or another and now it’s up to YOU to vote on the best hero!

Got Instagram or Twitter? Then you can vote and it will only take a (very worthy) second. To vote all you have to do is include the following hashtags in your Tweets and Instagram captions: #voteironman, #votehulk, #votebatman, #votesnowwhite, #votecatwoman and #votebilbo.

Photo: Who’s gonna get your vote for Best Hero?! (MTV)

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Not only are these actors heroes on-screen, but offscreen they are doing just as much to save the world. Below is a breakdown of our best heroes nominees and their heroic work IRL. Check out what they’ve been up to and remember, it’s up to YOU to decide who goes home with a Golden Bucket this year.

+ Catwoman Advocates For Other Women


Photo: (Warner Bros.)

Meowww, Anne Hathaway is the epitome of a movie star! I mean, don’t you agree? From her impeccable fashion, to her endless talent, Anne is an actress setting the bar high for those to follow.  She played a FIERCE Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises” but she’s most definitely a hero in her everyday life too.

She participated with the One Billion Rising movement to put an end to women’s violence. Shockingly, one in three women will be physically or sexually assaulted during her lifetime. She told Glamour, “It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that a billion women have been raped or beaten, just the enormity of that. When I was in college, I’d heard that one in four women would be raped, and I thought, God, that means I must know someone who was raped. Sure enough, I found out a week later that a friend had been. A billion is too big because one is too big.” She shows the same courage as Catwoman and for such an essential cause too! To vote for Catwoman to win in the Best Hero category please use the #votecatwoman hashtag in a Tweet or Instagram caption!

+ Iron Man Supports Real Life 9/11 Heroes


Photo: (Marvel)

Break out the old comic books, let’s get nerdy for a hot minute! Iron Man is a legendary hero that has sustained popularity for years, and years (to be exact, before any of us were even born — in 1963!) Last year, we saw Iron Man, played by the dreamy Robert Downey Jr., come to life again in “The Avengers”  Not only is RD Jr. a badass on-screen playing this iconic character, what he did IRL will make you love him more than Pepper Potts does!

The actor dedicated a screening of “The Avengers” to some of the first 9/11 first responders! These brave firemen and policemen were the first to help on that tragic day, but they’ve clearly not been forgotten. Props to Robert Downey Jr. for supporting real life heroes. To vote for Iron Man to win in the Best Hero category please use the #voteironman hashtag in a Tweet or Instagram caption!

+ Batman Is Saving Gotham City (and Gorillas)


Photo: (Warner Bros.)

Christian Bale captivated fans all over the world by playing the one and only Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” but what makes him a hero to us is his involvement in the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Yes, he’s an animal lover!

Mr. Bale serves on the board of directors for this animal rights org, which is working to protect Mountain Gorillas from poaching and habitat loss. According to World Wildlife Fund, Mountain Gorillas are critically endangered and there are approx only 880 left in the the world. Ummm, this is just sad but we’re grateful that Bale is bringing awareness to the cause. On top of supporting gorillas, last summer he also visited a Denver hospital to meet victims of the tragic Aurora shooting. Bale clearly proves that he can be Batman when the cameras are off. To vote for Batman to win in the Best Hero category please use the #votebatman hashtag in a Tweet or Instagram caption!

+ Snow White Wants To End Slavery


Photo: (Universal Pictures)

Say what you want about KStew, but she totes played a strong-willed, pale princess in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and GURLLL has quite the big heart! With over 27 million slaves around the world, Kristen is doing her part in shining a light on human trafficking and putting an end to this heartbreaking atrocity. She also teamed up with Shoe Revolt to donate a pair of black Keds to raise money to build shelters for human trafficking survivors.

In a Vogue interview she also mentioned it would be “amazing” to set up a network of halfway houses for those in need. “Right now it’s the thing I feel most connected to,” she said. Sooooo, we pretty much hope this happens! It’s all just proof that Snow White’s got love for her more than her seven dwarfs and prince. To vote for Snow White to win in the Best Hero category please use the #votesnowwhite hashtag in a Tweet or Instagram caption!

+ The Hulk Fights Fracking


Photo: (Marvel)

Mark Ruffalo wants fracking to go bu-byeee and we couldn’t agree more with him. “The Avengers” star has advocated for the end of this fossil fuel extraction telling Colbert, “I saw what it does to families. These people can’t drink the water that’s coming out of their tap. Here in America.”

So, are you still confused with what fracking even is? As we wrote in this story, “It’s a term for the hydraulic fracturing of rock used to release petroleum, natural gas, and other substances to the surface. It releases toxins into the ground and atmosphere.” Yuck, right? Drinking toxic water is NOT a good look. Not to mention that fracking affects plant and animal life too. Thank you Hulk, for showing us it’s OK to be green in more ways than one and that we all need to show love for Mother Nature. To vote for the Hulk to win in the Best Hero category please use the #votehulk hashtag in a Tweet or Instagram caption!

+ Bilbo Battles Cancer


Photo: (Warner Bros.)

Martin Freeman played the great Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, but on his down time he is Standing Up 2 Cancer! He revealed to SU2C, “I certainly have been touched by cancer…so please do what you can to help.”

While filming “The Hobbit,” Martin’s partner actually had a cancer scare herself! After finding a lump in her breast, she was told she must have immediate surgery. Luckily, the lump was benign. Cancer…she does affect many of us but we can fight back. Head on over to SU2C to learn more about how you can help find a cure. To vote for Bilbo to win in the Best Hero category please use the #votebilbo hashtag in a Tweet or Instagram caption!

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