Tune In As Jason Mraz Hits The World Stage To Fight Human Trafficking

Photo: (Facebook.com/MTVExit)

Photo: (MTV EXIT)

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) teamed up with Jason Mraz to put on a concert to help end human trafficking. Today on MTV.com and mtvU you can watch “MTV World Stage: Live in Myanmar” and follow Mraz on his journey as he meets with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

After performing the concert in December of last year, Mraz became the first international artist to play a mass concert in Myanmar. By pairing up with MTV EXIT, Mraz made sure his concert was about more than just the music. The MTV EXIT campaign works to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking through TV programs, live events and online content, which makes the MTV World Stage event a global anti-trafficking rally of sorts.

Make sure you turn to mtvU at 11pm EST — and on MTV.com after its on-air broadcast at approx. 11:30pm EST — to watch the concert and see Mraz meet with survivors of human trafficking. In the meantime, here are a few ways you can fight back against modern-day slavery:

+ Visit Against Our Will

Get the facts about human trafficking through mtvU’s Against Our Will campaign. Make sure you check out the Backstory to see what it really means to be a sex trafficking survivor.

+ Spread the Word

With anywhere from 12 to 27 million people enslaved in the world, human trafficking is all around us. Make sure everyone you know is aware of how important it is to fight human trafficking. Share the videos you find on MTV EXIT and start the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #EXITslavery.

+ Lobby Your Government

Get in touch with your local and national government officials to see what they’re doing to end human trafficking. Your call, email, or Tweet matters, so make sure your officials know how that you expect them to be modern-day abolitionists.

Take action below to see how you can fight human trafficking. Head over to MTV EXIT or mtvU’s Against Our Will to learn more.

take action

Visit Against Our Will

Visit Against Our Will

Get the facts on modern slavery. Check out the mtvU Against Our Will website.

take action



Since 2004, the EXIT campaign has been working to bring awareness to the realities of human trafficking. Click here for info on how to help.