6 Non-Flower-Related Things To Do On Mother’s Day

By Joey Parker/Danica Davidson

It’s almost time for the weekend, which means Mother’s Day is almost here! If you’re feeling uncertain about what you can do to make Mom feel special on Sunday, check out the suggestions below!

+ Write a Letter

Sure, it’d be easy to type a short message on her Facebook wall, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that. But it would be a lot more special if you gave your mom a sweet, handwritten note in addition to that or instead of that. Get out a pen and some paper and let your mom know how much she means to you.

+ Garden Time

Flowers are typically a good gift, but why stop there? If your mom is into gardening or fresh fruits or veggies, you could help her plant some seeds and nurture a garden with her. And if you want to plant flowers, too, go for it!

+ Vision Board

Feeling artistic? Grab some magazines and sit down with your mom to make a collage or vision board. Cut out pics that make you happy or symbolize what you mean to each other.

+ Brunch

Moms and dads feed their kids when they’re little, so why not flip the script? This can be an opportunity to make your mom a special brunch. Or, if you’re like me and would set the kitchen on fire if you tried this, you could take her out to eat at the nice restaurant in town.

+ Mother Nature

On Mother’s Day, why not show your love for Mother Nature, too? If the weather’s nice on Sunday, maybe you could go for a bike ride with your mom and enjoy the sights. You might even be able to set up a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors while you have some Mommy-and-me time.

+ Keep Yo Phone Off!

Sunday is supposed to be all about Mom, so let’s make it about her! Methinks she’d appreciate it if you kept your phone off for the day so you could fully concentrate on her. You can go back to chatting with friends and texting afterward, but making Mother’s Day all about your mother will really show her the respect she deserves.

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