The Morning After: 4 Ways Obama & Romney Could Come Together For Our Country

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It’s over! What a season of politics that will forever go down in the history books! President Barack Obama was re-elected, and Governor Mitt Romney gracefully took the loss — but both agree Washington must work together to get us really going. For the past year Romney and Obama have gone head to head on the campaign trail, and we think it’s time they go hand in hand.

Let’s put the politics aside for a hot minute (or, preferably, for four years) and unite all in the name of love for our country. With so much tension and anger this would be the perfect time for our country to unite and start every presidency on the right foot. Amiright? Or amiright? Here are 4 ideas!

“Thank The Troops Tour” for Thanksgiving: Our troops sure are brave, courageous and amazing to say the least. Why not throw a massive tour abroad to say a big THANK YOUUUU to our brave soldiers?

+ Mo’ Money: Why not raise money — since they’re so good at it — but for a unifying cause? Welllll, since the month of November is Movember, we think the two candidates should grow out their mo’ to raise money and help raise awareness for men’s health like prostate and testicular cancer. Can you imagine Obama and Romney rockin’ staches!? Hehe. At the end of the month, they’d sit down for dinner with randomly selected donors to their Movember fundraising campaigns.

+ Sandy Fund: Hurricane Sandy may of torn apart many individuals lives but it won’t tear apart the American spirit! So many people are still in need and the candidates can tour the area together and start a fund like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did after the Haiti earthquake. Their efforts could help restore the shore, Breezy Point, the Rockaways, Staten Island, and even other affected countries like Haiti. They’d made pit stops at affected service centers like the Ali Forney Center for LGBT homeless youth, and would even take time to donate blood together through the Red Cross!

+ Inauguration Duets Concert: So many celebs and musicians stepped out to campaign for Obama and Romney. For this Duets Concert, their biggest musician supporters — like Obama supporter Katy Perry and Romney supporter Kid Rock — would perform at a concert during Inauguration week in DC. Tickets to the concert would be obtained by lottery to those who pledge to join the candidates in working with others to help move our country forward.

Would you like to see the candidates come together in a public way to set a tone for the next four years? Let us know in the comments!

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Learn About Men\'s Health

Learn About Men\'s Health

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