Hayden Panettiere, Miranda Cosgrove & Emma Roberts Want You To Make A Wave For Change

Photos: (Getty)

There’s often an idea that teens can’t do much to make the world a better place. As if! This summer Neutrogena has a fun and easy way that enables people of all ages to make a diff for education with their “Wave for Change” program. And Hayden Panettiere, Miranda Cosgrove, and Emma Roberts are all up on it!

Neutrogena has been doing yearly campaigns, and this summer (from July 1 to August 31) they’ve teamed up with GlobalGiving to earn $250,000 to help out the big world of education, like bettering school programs.

Ready to get involved? Super easy: watch Neutrogena’s “Wave for Change” vid either on their website or FB page, and one dollar will go to GlobalGiving.

You can also buy special Neutrogena merchandise this summer and another dollar will be donated for each purchase. You can go on Neutrogena’s site to let them know what you’ve bought, or also buy some stuff directly off the site.

Hayden, Miranda, and Emma are all brand ambassadors for Neutrogena, and they’re especially behind this super helpful campaign.

“This campaign makes it so easy for people to really make a difference,” said Emma, who’s even designed a “Wave for Change” bag just for this campaign. If you buy two facial skin care products of Neutrogena’s while shopping at Target, you can get a cool tote bag for free at the check-out.

The trio are busy out there talking about Neutrogena (and ya know making movies and shows and stuff)  but this summer they’ve got all the more reason to talk about the brand because of what it’s giving back. Get it gurls!