Millennials Want To Make A Difference! 3 Ways You Can Start Today

Photos: (TOMS, Getty)

Photos: (TOMS, Getty)

The Millennial generation (people who are 18-30) sometimes gets a bad rap. We’ve been called lazy, self-absorbed, and only into makin’ money. But guess what? That is actually SO not the case!

According to Fast Company, we want to feel a sense of purpose within our workplace, and we want to begin to make a difference in the world so future generations will have it better than we do. Are you all about that giving-back life, too? Thought so!

Here Are 3 Ways To Give Back This Summer:

+ Park & Beach Cleaning

With the warmer weather we see an influx of people using our beaches and parks, which also means more garbage. People can be a bit lazy, and instead of being kind to the earth and throwing the trash away, they decide to leave it behind. This is where us do-gooder Millennials come into play. As you walk the ground of the park, or sandy miles of beach, do a good deed and pick up as much trash as you can! Not only will it make the area much more appealing, it can save many animals from getting sick/ hurt!

+ Help Others Stay Cool

Hey, you might not sweat the heat, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t burning up! Our furry friends are especially vulnerable to warm (and in NYC, scalding!) temperatures, so be sure to keep an eye on Fido and make sure he has a shady spot and plenty of water if you take him to the beach. The elderly, disabled and pregnant are also susceptible to heat-related illness, so keep an eye on your friends and neighbors. Sometimes giving back is as easy as thinking about the comfort of others — especially those without air conditioning!

Buy Conscious Clothes for Summer

Before you head to the mall, I have a better solution for you! Instead of getting the same old clothes that all your friends have,  think outside the box and support innovative businesses that also give back. For a nice pair of sunglasses, DEF check out our buddies over at Warby Parker. If it is shoes you are looking for then OBVS TOMS are the best of the best. For a full list of fab clothes that also give back, you gotta check out this amazing list that my fellow writer Claire put together!

What are you going to do this summer to give back? Comment below, or head on over to our Twitter (@MTVact) to let us know! We would love to hear your creative ideas.


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