Our Guide To Miley Cyrus’ Inspiring Tattoos

There is no doubt Miley Cyrus has evolved a lot in the past few years. Her Hannah Montana days are long gone, and with this new (and improved?) Miley comes lots of twerkin’, tongue waggin’, and oh-so-many new tattoos!

As Miley has grown into a more independent woman, she has added a lot of meaningful tattoos to her body. We decided to put together a Miley tattoo guide to showcase just some the messages that have been inked on the outspoken singer.

+ Kitty Cat Lip Tat

Miley inked a meow meow on her inner lip, and our best guess it represents her passion for the kitties of the world and ending animal abuse.

+ Love

Lets move onto Miley’s inner ear, where she has “love” tattooed (ouch!). Her reasoning for this ink was “to block out all the crap that everyone throws into your ears.”

+ Om Symbol

In Hinduism, the Om symbol is often considered to be one of the most used mantras. This tattoo was Miley’s second tattoo reference to Indian culture.

+ Sugar Skull

On Miley’s ankle, you can find the tattoo of a sugar skull, which is derived from Mexican culture. The sugar skull is part of the tradition of the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated every year to reconnect with ancestors who have passed on.

+ Crossed Arrows

A symbol of friendship, this Native American-inspired tattoo is located right above Miley’s right elbow! Oh, and the fabulous creation was done by Kat Von D!

+ Just Breathe

In 2009, Miley revealed her very first tattoo, which read “Just Breathe.” The tat is in honor of her friend Vanessa, whom she lost to cystic fibrosis, as well as her grandfathers, who passed away of lung cancer. She opened up to Harper’s Bazaar, revealing, “It reminds me not to take things for granted. I mean breathing — that was something none of them could do, the most basic thing. And I put it near my heart, because that is where they will always be.”

+ Heart 


The Cyrus family are no doubt a close-knit family, so Miley’s <3 tattoo represents the bond they all share. In fact, it’s a tattoo that each member in the family has!

+ Cross


The cross one of many on her hands. In 2010 she revealed, “My faith is very important to me. But I don’t necessarily define my faith by going to church every Sunday.”

+ Grandmother

This beautiful portrait, done by Kat Von D, was inked from a photo of Miley’s grandmother. Miley now carries her  grandmother’s spirit wherever the day may take her.

+ Love Never Dies

Many of Miley’s tattoos follow the theme of embracing a loving and positive life, and that is exactly what “Love never dies” represents.

+ Theodore Roosevelt Quote

On Miley’s left forearm, she has a quote from Theodore Roosevelt’s “Citizenship in a Republic” speech. This tat encourages kids to know their history! Go pick up a book and learn more about this particular speech!

+ Evil Eye

The evil eye is all about warding off the negativity around you, so Miley is obvi all about dat life!

+ Equal Sign

Another of Miley’s many finger tats is the symbol for equality added the equality sign to her finger. Over the years, Miley has been VERY vocal in support of the LGBTQ community!

+ Dreamcatcher

This is quite possibly my fave of all Miley’s tattoos! The dreamcatcher is located along her ribcage and symbolizes protection over her family. The feathers in the tat represent her siblings.

+ Anchor

While Miley was in Brazil, the singer had artist  Fabio Satori give her an anchor tattoo, which we’ve come to learn is her representation of always staying grounded. I am sure it also expresses her love for sailors. I mean, who doesn’t love them?

+ Karma

The word karma is inked on her index finger. It seems pretty obvi to us what this one means. I mean, every time she raises her finger, she will remind herself and others that actions have consequences.

+ Peace Sign 

The last finger tat is a peace sign, which we believe is helping spread the message of love and how #LoveIsLouder than the negative voices around us.

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