Dogs Who Aren’t ‘Perfect’ Need Love and Homes, Too!


With nearly 2.7 million dogs and cats becoming euthanized yearly due to people not adopting, now is the time to support your local shelters! Miley Cyrus took to her Insta, sharing a pic of her cuddling the cutest one-eyed dog, and that really got us thinking. Not every dog is going to be “perfect,” but all animals deserve a loving home.

Miley, after all, is SUCH an animal lover (and we love her for it!). She recently also took to her Insta to share a new pic of her and an adopted piglet that she was cuddling on a private jet.  Most famous piglet in the world!

Adopting a dog out of a shelter will not only bring you good karma, happiness, and a new companion, but it will give the animal a second chance. I recently started following a disabled dog on Instagram (not kidding), and whenever a new pic pops up on my feed, I can’t help but smile at the lil munchkin. Daisy (underbiteunite on Insta) is a young pup who has to use a wheelcart whenever being walked outside, due to her front paws not working too well.

Oftentimes it’s the disabled cats and dogs that are the ones left behind, in the gloomy and loud shelters. So, def consider this next time you want to adopt a furry animal. Oh, and always remember to adopt over shopping at a pet store! If you’re not able to adopt a pet right now, you could still make a diff by helping your local shelter or an animal rights org like the ASPCA.

Photo: (Instagram)

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Adopt an ASPCA dog!

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