Who Is Josh Hutcherson’s Hero? Who Amazes Shay Mitchell? Meet These Teens Now.

Photo: (Nickelodeon)

Photo: (Nickelodeon)

If you have plans on Sunday night you best be canceling them because the HALO Awards are ON!! They’re airing on Nickelodeon at 8/7c! If you think Halo Awards have something to do with Bey, it doesn’t. It’s even better: The show will be honoring four teenagers who are already changing the world for the better, and we’ve got the deets on all of them (plus the celebs they’ve teamed up with!).

+ Josh Hutcherson Knows That  Zachary Kerr Is A Victor For Transgender Rights


While there have been increased awareness and activism for lesbian, gay and bisexual rights in recent years, it doesn’t feel as if transgender rights are always getting their fair shake. But Zachary has been bravely standing up as an advocate for the transgender community. Zach grew up as one of three identical triplets and “spent years battling gender identity issues before making a transitional journey from female to male.” Along with being involved in various LGBTQ orgs, the 19-year-old has spoken at 200 schools (Whoa!) and talked with the Massachusetts governor (Whoa times 100!) about why we need a Transgender Equal Rights Bill.

His celeb teammate, Josh Hutcherson, said, “Zachary’s my hero. I think that the world would be a lot better off with more people like him. He’s changing the world.” As if that wasn’t the biggest compliment in the world, the “Catching Fire” star also said, “Zachary’s an inspiration because he helps raise awareness about LGBT issues, and he teaches everyone that it’s OK to be you, whoever you are, and his message is all about acceptance and equality.”

+ Shay Mitchell Teams Up With Miranda Fuentes For Autism Awareness


Miranda loves surfing, and she’s using her love for it as part of a cause! Her younger brother Lucas has autism, which led Miranda to get involved with Surfers for Autism. She’s been able to really get SFA moving: They used to have events with 40 volunteers, and now they have events with 400 volunteers and 3,000 spectators. NBD, right? Not only is she helping people better understand autism, but she also teaches autistic kids how to surf! At 16, Miranda is the youngest master instructor for the org.

Shay Mitchell, Miranda’s celeb teammate, said, “When Nick Cannon told me about the awesome work that Miranda was doing with Surfers for Autism, I knew I had to meet her. It’s absolutely amazing that she’s only 16 years old and so giving of her time to help others.”

+ Queen Latifah Applauds Denzel Thompson’s Green Thumb


When money is tight food choices are sparse, and this can lead to health threats. Denzel weighed 300 pounds and was surrounded by fast food chains and convenience stores. His obesity lead to depression, but then he took a life-changing trip to New Orleans. Denzel learned through helping victims of Hurricane Katrina that he has the power to bring about change.

The 19-year-old decided to transform his Philly ‘hood with the goal of decreasing the high obesity rate. So Denzel and half a dozen other teens started Philadelphia Urban Creators, which grows healthy, sustainable food. He even got the Village of Arts and Humanities to donate three acres for farming. This helps the environment, helps the community and helps the health of individuals. Since Denzel launched the project four years ago he’s lost over 150 lbs. by working in the garden and eating the food he grows.

His celebrity teammate Queen Latifah said, “Denzel’s the one changing the world right now. It’s in his hands and his generation’s hands. I’m really proud of him because when the world gets to see people like him, it shows that his generation is not just about texting all the time or doing a crazy dance. They have gifts and abilities, and they’re connecting people in a way that no generation [before] will ever be able to do.”

+ NBA star Chris Paul Supports Rocio Ortega’s Girl Power


Rocio saw first-hand the importance of girl power in the world. “As a first-generation Mexican American you see those traditional roles of women staying at home, cleaning and taking care of the kids,” she said. Rocio got a Girl Up chapter going at her East Los Angeles high school to help girls in developing countries get an education, have access to medicine and be respected. She then became a Youth Champion for the campaign. She went on to work with her representative’s office to pass the End of Child Marriage Bill abroad. Did I mention she’s also a 19-year old college student?

Her celebrity teammate, Chris Paul, is in awe of her accomplishments. “When Nick Cannon told me Rocio’s story, I was blown away,” he said. “She is an inspiration because she helps raise awareness about issues across the globe. She’s going to change the world.”

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