Matt Damon Talks Sh*t For World Toilet Day

Photo: (Getty Images)

Let’s talk about sh*t, baby! Matt Damon wants you to know that World Toilet Day is coming up this Saturday and it’s time to cut the crap:

Why give a sh*t? Because 2.5 billion people are without access to basic sanitation – and not only is that totally sad, it’s deadly. According to (Damon’s charity), it’s the world’s biggest cause of infection — millions of people die every year just because they don’t have a safe place to poop. We sh*t you not.

The “Talk Sh*t All Week” campaign – sponsored by, Gates Foundation, Acumen, ONE,, Water for People, and World – has launched a massive social media awareness effort — and they need you!

Surrender your feed or your Facebook once a day to the campaign by logging in through their website –you’ll be donating your status so the bald-headed hottie and his compassionate crew can post facts, stats, and links about the world’s sh*tty situation through this Saturday, November 19 when World Toilet Day officially goes down.

So spend the rest of your week talking sh*t and saving lives!