‘Magic Mike’ Hunks Display Their Goods In More Ways Than One

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Get out your dollah billz, y’all! (Don’t be shy, boyz.) It’s time to cram that hard-earned cash into a banana hammock coming to a theatre near you on Friday. Turns out there are more than 6 reasons (count those abs!) to get amped for “Magic Mike” — the cinematic meat market based loosely on Channing Tatum’s former life as a 19-year-old stripper in Florida. Beneath those man boobs beats a Hollywood heart of gold, so let’s see what kind of pro-social packages this pelvic-thrusting cast is working with…

+ Channing Tatum a.k.a. “Magic Mike”

Tasty Tatum played an undercover jock cop in“21 Jump Street,” but the po-po uniform he dons in “Magic Mike” isn’t exactly standard issue (apparently rip-away pants don’t actually help you fight crime). The jacked actor claims this is his stripper swan song — boooooo sauce — but we’re betting the right cause might persuade him to go pantless. In April, he and smokin’ hot wifey Jenna Dewan-Tatum (his co-star from “Step Up”) helped raise millions for the Rainforest Foundation with a steamy dance duet — plus Channing even did some bumping-and-grinding with Elton John during the charity concert. Fingers crossed that Prince Channing finds more worthy reasons to disrobe in the future.

+ Alex Pettyfer a.k.a. “The Kid”

He was Number Four, but now he’s one of five freakishly hawt dudes, so how does the freshman hold up under the late-night lights? You’re gonna have to catch the flick to see — but in terms of giving back, this English up-and-comer is showing more than skin. The dashing lad was super gracious to some British younguns from the UK education charity FILMCLUB who interviewed him last year, even giving their org a special shout-out on Twitter. Alex is also happy to share his penmanship for worthy endeavors — and from the looks of the trailer, we’ll be seeing more than his sig when he gets on stage with the big boys this summer.

+ Matthew McConaughey a.k.a. “Dallas”

He runs the strip club where the “magic” happens — and honestly, is there any actor better suited to play the shirtless sheriff of Stripperville than the perpetually half-naked Texan? And we all know what happens when he gets around bongos. Besides wrangling dead sexy dancers on-screen and his two adorbs kids off-screen, this DILF flexes those make-a-difference muscles with his just keep livin’ foundation, which helps teens live active and healthy lives. We’re guessing charitable Chippendale lessons aren’t a part of their programs, but this beefy babe is famously unconventional, so who knows?

+ Joe Manganiello a.k.a. “Big Dick Richie”

Y’all prolly know this alpha male as Alcide from HBO’s hit supernatural series “True Blood” — and now we’re all gonna get to see a whole other side of this knee-weakening werewolf….his backside. Bow chikka bow wow! But for serial, he’s more than just a hairy hunk. Joe threw a benefit for the Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital (we love a hometown hero!) and recently signed some booty shorts for a #TeamAlcide charity auction. For a howlin’ good time, call this big-hearted (and judging by his stage name, perhaps something else…) beast!

+ Matthew Bomer a.k.a. “Ken”

The star of “White Collar” may end up gyrating in front of moviegoers wearing just that. All we have to say is: Hotties Welcome! Speaking of the USA Network’s tagline, we love that Bomer was such a big supporter of Characters Unite, the channel’s storytelling and anti-bullying campaign. Also, major props to the brave actor for publicly coming out in a super classy way: thanking his partner and children while accepting the New Generation Arts and Activism Award at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards for his work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
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