[VIDEO] Lupe Fiasco Needs You To World Up By Friday

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Trying to pick my favorite Lupe Fiasco song is like trying to pick my number one restaurant in NYC. I CAN’T. But one of my all-time faves is “Touch The Sky” with Kanye West. This is the song I listen to when I’m feeling down, when I need to speed up my workout or I just made out with a really cute guy and I’m walking home. The song is really hopeful and that’s one thing Lupe is all about: Hope.

He’s all about grassroots involvement and making this country (and world) a more legit place to live. OK, I know I’m getting all Oprah on you but it’s true. You see, he’s involved with World Up, an org that’s dedicated to exploring the power of music and using music to empower youth. And by music I mean international tunes! One of the many things they do: Artists from countries I really want to vacation in (Morocco and Brazil anyone?) teach students about important stuff like global issues, literacy and social responsibility through music. I MEAN how fun and interesting is that? And it’s one surefire way a student won’t tie his hoodie around his face and fall asleep.

The good news: World Up received a $25,000 grant from Mozilla to continue to run a successful afterschool program. BUT in order for them to receive this grant they need to match it. Meaning you and I and many others need to donate to this important cause. So far World Up has raised over $20,000 but they still need to raise about $5,000 more by Friday at midnight!

So I interviewed Lupe about his involvement with World Up (he’s even rocking a necklace from the org) and why we should all donate even if it’s just a dollar. And since his new album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1, just came out yesterday we asked him ’bout that too. Watch our interview with the conscious rapper below and take action below to support World Up!

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