Linkin Park Wants You To Power the World

Photo: (Getty Images)

Electricity is something a lot of us take for granted. I MEAN, you’re using it now to read this article! Globally, one in five people are living without energy, and this leads to a bunch of strife, like shoddy access to healthcare and lack of education. Can you imagine cooking without electricity? Or going to a health clinic or school without light? 1.3 billion people are living this way, everyday. Linkin Park is trying to stop all this no electricity insanity.

Chester, Mike and co. do more than bring us killer rock songs, amazing collabs with Jay-Z and a highly anticipated new album, Living Things. Last year the band launched Power the World, a movement to provide energy access to 1 million families in 40 countries this year. To show you more of what’s going on, Power the World has put together a cute little vid about a child named Imani who symbolizes all the kids out there who don’t have access to electricity.  Watch the clip below. We know you’ll want to hug little Imani after you see it!

Linkin Park also created a petition for sustainable energy for all and they’re trying to get one million signatures ASAP. These sigs will be given to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to turn in at the Rio+20 Earth Summit on June 20. The idea is that all those signatures will show the world the importance of sustainable energy for the masses and get things changing for the better. Even if you can’t personally be at the Summit, you can help by signing the petition and sharing the vid (see action widgets below).  And if you feel like watching/sharing another super cute clip, here’s Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes, Ashley Rickards and other MTV stars answering the question, “What would you miss the most if you had no electricity?”

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