Lauren Conrad Stands Up For Equal Rights During Bachelorette Weekend

It’s a great time to be a Lauren Conrad fan. The bride-to-be enjoyed a bachelorette party in the sun this weekend, but she’s not the only one with cause to celebrate. Her bachelorette weekend was also a big win for equal rights supporters!

If you followed the #donttellmrtell escapades over the weekend, you might have missed LC’s jaunt to the beach. While there, the future Mrs. Tell wanted to go have fun at The Office, a well-known restaurant in Cabo. But it wasn’t all fun and bachelorette party games this weekend; according to Conrad, the venue doesn’t allow same-sex couples to participate in “couple games.”

After realizing this, Conrad & Co. walked out and encouraged their fans to support businesses that believe in #equalityforall.

Before you boycott The Office for your future Cabo plans, however, consider this. E! News reached out to the restaurant’s management team to get the following quote: “We invite all diners to participate in our games. We’ve never had an issue before with homosexual couples. We are not homophobic at all. We have waiters, runners and a chef who are gay. We’ve never had a homophobic incident at The Office.”

Here’s hoping this was just a miscommunication between LC and the folks at The Office!

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Trevor's Tips On Coming Out

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