Lance Bass Spills The Beans About His New Doc + Those Wedding Rumors [INTERVIEW]

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Lance Bass has quite a bit to celebrate these days. I recently had the chance to catch up with the former boy band member, and he opened up about his new documentary “Mississippi I Am”…. and I couldn’t finish the chat without bringing up his upcoming wedding with artist Michael Turchin!

But first, the doc. “Mississippi I Am” is a new documentary that follows the lives of four LGBT teens in Mississippi From relentless bullying to being ostracized by their peers, it’s a reality that far too many face and can relate to.

MTV Act: What was it about “Mississippi I Am” that sparked your interest in producing the documentary?

Lance: I was tired of seeing all the negative press my state was getting. I wanted to see first hand what it was like to be out and gay and growing up in Mississippi today. What we see is very eye opening that leaves lots of room for hope.

MTV Act: The Constance McMillen story is an example of the shift and bravery we are seeing throughout our country. What was it like for you growing up gay in Mississippi?

Lance: Growing up gay in Mississippi was hard because I was always reminded that being gay was an abomination. No kid deserves to feel like that. It made me feel so alone and broken.

MTV Act: Growing up, teens can be brutal. Did you ever experience bullying?

Lance: Yeah. I got bullied all the time in school because of my height and because I liked to sing!

MTV Act: What do you know now that you wish you knew as that young boy in Mississippi?

Lance: That there is nothing wrong with you and you are born that way. There are millions of other people like you going through the same thing.

MTV Act: The documentary follows four ostracized LGBT teens in Mississippi. Can you tell us a little about these four and their stories.

Lance: I met these four at the second chance prom in Tupelo. We got to to know them and their stories and thought they would be perfect for the film. Their stories vary from ostracism to being the accepted popular athlete in school. One particular story that I love is the story of Jessi and her grandma. To see the grandmother trying so hard to understand what her granddaughter is going through and accepting who she is though she doesn’t understand or agree with it is amazing and heartwarming.

MTV Act: We as a country have made tremendous strides when it comes to LGBT rights, especially with gay marriage. Speaking of marriage, I can’t help but ask how the wedding planning for you and Michael is going (so exciting)?!

Lance: So slowly! In the end we are still two guys trying to plan a wedding and have no idea what they are doing. It’s been very humorous! But, when it’s all said and done we are gonna have one heck of a wedding!

MTV Act: Rumors are swirling that the wedding could even be televised. I think this would be a brilliant idea. Would you be open to a televised wedding?

Lance: The rumor is true. We will be televising it around Valentine’s Day on E! I am so proud to be a part of this and so proud of E! to have the first gay wedding special. It shows that the country is growing! I can’t wait to share with middle America my love story.

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