Lady Gaga, 50 Cent + More Give Back Over Thanksgiving Weekend

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Thanksgiving may be over, but the leftovers (I had Thanksgiving dinner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day this weekend) are still aplenty! Celebs like Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, and Neil Patrick Harris used their Thanksgivings leaving lasting impressions on people in need all around the world. From feeding the homeless in LA to visiting an orphanage in Peru, here are a few of the amazing things celebs did while we were in our food comas:

+ 50 Cent Fed Hurricane Sandy Victims

Fiddy spent the day before Thanksgiving handing meals out to hungry New Yorkers and Hurricane Sandy victims. In an interview with MTV News, he called hunger “a world issue, not a third world issue,” reminding us that 1 in 6 Americans face hunger daily. When asked about his solution to world hunger, the rapper replied, “Have a baby by me, baby, be a millionaire.” (Juuust kidding!)

+ Lady Gaga Visited Girls in Peru

Lady Gaga and her family spent Thanksgiving in Peru, where in between touring and turkey carving, she somehow also found the time to visit the Happy Faces center for abused young women. This woman does everything! Gaga brought snacks to the center’s 45 residents, and even lead a sing-along of some of her hits.

+ Neil Patrick Harris Fed The Homeless

Damn, that apron looks good on him! Neil Patrick Harris spent his Thanksgiving feeding the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission. The multi-talented actor even tasted the food! He claimed it was to make sure it was safe for the crowd, but c’mon! We all know he just wanted an extra slice of pumpkin pie!

+ Marc Anthony Visited Orphans in The Dominican Republic

J Lo’s baby-daddy Marc Anthony spent his holiday weekend visiting the Children of Christ orphanage in the Dominican Republic, where he’s raised $200,000 to help build a new residence hall, classrooms, and a baseball field for the kiddos.

+ Obama Pardoned Turkeys & Shopped Small Business

While Thanksgiving is the worst day of the year to be a turkey, there’s one person in America who always gives back to the birds: The President. The day before Thanksgiving, Obama attended the annual turkey pardon, where he granted two Miller farm turkeys — Cobbler and Gobbler — their freedom…for now! He also supported Small Business Saturday, and took Sasha and Malia shopping at a local bookstore a day after crowds of Americans lined up for hours outside huge, corporate chains.

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