Kristen Bell Saves Lives. And So Can You.

Photo: (Jeff Lipsky/CPi Syndication)

Photo: (Jeff Lipsky/CPi Syndication)

Kristen Bell is an actress passionate about all things awesome, from fighting for LGBT rights to professing her undying love for sloths. What’s her latest jam? Snack bars that give back, called This Bar Saves Lives.

For every TBSL bar that you buy, the company gives a life-saving packet of food to a child in need. The bars come in flavors like dark chocolate cherry and sea salt and have all-natutral, non-GMO, ethically sourced ingredients. So you’re eating good while you’re doing good.

This Bar Saves Lives

Photo: (This Bar Saves Lives)

With a child dying nearly every 12 seconds due to malnutrition, it’s a cause close to Kristen’s heart. We recently caught up with the actress to talk about these awesome bars, why bubbles are dangerous and how easy it’s becoming to be a vegetarian.

ACT: How did you first get involved in This Bar Saves Lives?

Kristen: This Bar was the brainchild of a few friends of mine. They told me about their idea, and I thought it was brilliant and wanted to do anything I could to be involved.

ACT: Since June, there have already been 72,358 packets donated. What areas of the world do these packets benefit?

Kristen: Our first Plumpy’Nut shipment just recently went to the Philippines to help children in the areas ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. We’re so proud to be able to respond quickly in a time of crisis like that. The next shipment might go to Ghana or Syria or Haiti — it just all depends on the need at the time. We defer to our Giving Partner, Save The Children, to best assess where the need is greatest.

ACT: In a world where we seem to complain more concerned about our Starbucks orders than the wellbeing of kids beyond our borders, what will it take for others to see the need to help globally? 

Kristen: I think being able to SEE others outside the bubble you live in is key. All social media helps provide transparency and connectivity between people who would otherwise not have known about one another. It allows for a kind of friendship and protection that the world has never seen before. It allows you to stand up for someone you have never met before, and might not ever meet. I think the more stories of hardship and struggle are shared, the harder it becomes for people to ignore them.

ACT: Do you have any plans on visiting the areas where This Bar Saves Lives supports? 

Kristen: Yes! I would love to visit a Plumpy’Nut drop site one day and see the results first-hand.

ACT: How do you have time to act, raise a child, love a husband, hang with fam and friends and give back?! People often say they don’t have time to give back, so what would you tell them?!

Kristen: I never feel like I have “time” for anything! There’s no secret to balancing your life — you just have to DO it. I’ve made a commitment that my family always comes first, and beyond that giving back to others in need is extremely important to me — because there are SO many humans out there without the support system or opportunities to accomplish what they’d like to. I’d want someone to stand up for me if I were struggling, so making time for it doesn’t ever feel like a burden. I really enjoy it.

ACT: Does Dax like the bars?

Kristen: He loves them. I always keep one in my purse and we often split it to tide us over till dinner if we are out and about.

This Bar Saves Lives Dogs

Photo: Kristen, Dax and even dogs love these bars! (This Bar Saves Lives)

ACT: These bars are clearly vegetarian-friendly! As a vegetarian for most of your life, do you have tips on how someone can go vegetarian in 2014?

Kristen: I think the whole world is becoming more and more veg friendly. Beyond the amazing health benefits of vegetarianism, factory farming is becoming more transparent and people are finding out how gross and inhumane it can be. Because of this, there are so many amazing resources to help people eat veg or otherwise health-ify their diets. I look online all the time for vegetarian recipes and often search for seasonal ones — so I know the ingredients I’m using are fresh and responsibly sourced. Certainly living in California makes it easier to be vegetarian/vegan, but with a little Internet search, I’m sure anyone could find a cool veg restaurant in their hometown!

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Buy A Bar, Save A Life!

Buy A Bar, Save A Life!

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Save The Children

Save The Children

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