Sweet Tweet: Kim Kardashian Will Never Forget Her Fellow Armenians

Photo: (Getty Images)

Sure, Kim Kardashian has a budding romance with Kanye West — symbolic earrings and ice cream dates and all. Along with Yeezy, her fam and bajillion dollar empire, there’s another topic close to her heart that she’s bringing attention to on Twitter. Proud of her family’s Armenian heritage, she took a moment on Tuesday to tweet a message about remembering the Armenian Genocide. Using the hashtag #neverforget, she showed how important the day of remembrance is to her.

Starting April 24, 1915 and lasting through 1923, Armenian people living in Turkey were tortured, starved, deported and murdered. To honor their ancestors, thousands of Armenians gathered in Yeveran, Armenia yesterday, and laid flowers at the genocide monument.

Kim’s recent tweet isn’t the first time she’s shared thoughts about her fellow Armenians. Last year, she wrote a blog post commemorating the people who died in the massacre.

I can’t help but give major props to Kim for remembering her roots, and for using the power of social media to spread a message that a lot of people wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for her. Thanks for shedding light on something so important, KiKi!

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Genocide Education Project

Genocide Education Project

The Genocide Education Project is an org that assists educators in teaching about human rights and the Armenian Genocide.