Selfless Snaps: Ke$ha Reveals New Love Is Louder Photo!

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Ke$ha)

With one more episode left of Ke$ha‘s “My Crazy Beautiful Life” (insert sad emoji), the glitter-lovin’ pop star is continuing her hard work to end bullying! Ke$ha is WERKIN’ it in a brand new Love Is Louder photo that we are SO EXCITED to reveal to all you Animals!

All throughout her highly addictive docu-series we have seen her discuss her experiences with bullying, and now it’s inspiring to see her taking a stand to do something about it. In this brand new Love Is Louder photo, Ke$ha strikes a pose that would even make Tyra Banks proud! On top of this new pic,  Ke$ha has also selected her fave Love Is Louder photos from fans that will appear on Tuesday’s show! You’ll see the photos at the end of the episode which airs at 11/10c.

Kesha Love Is Louder

Photo: An up close and personal look at Ke$ha’s Love Is Louder photo. (Ke$ha)

It takes courage to open your life up to the world like Ke$ha so bravely has done, but the power it has to inspire and help stop bullying is AMAZE! Case in point: Gilo, a majah Animal, was featured in the first episode of the show, and he told Ke$ha how her music helped heal him as he was getting bullied. After the episode aired, Gilo told us that some of his bullies have come forward and apologized to him.

And speaking of Animals, they really came through and submitted sooooo many beautiful and creative Love Is Louder photos to join forces with Ke$ha to end bullying. Check some of ‘em out below.


Photo: These Animals are everything. (Love Is Louder)

Whether’ you’re an Animal or not, it’s important we continue to spread love (it’s the Brooklyn way, and Ke$ha’s way and should be everyone else’s way). Check out ways to take action and spread the good word that Love is Louder, always.

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Join Ke$ha + Love Is Louder

Join Ke$ha + Love Is Louder

Join Ke$ha and upload your image of hope to the Love Is Louder Facebook page as a show of support for putting an end to bullying.

take action

LIL Than Destruction

LIL Than Destruction

Want to show love for Oklahoma? Love is Louder is gathering together specific messages/ images of support to share with the people of OK.