[EXCLUSIVE] Ke$ha & McDonald’s Clash Over Animal Welfare

Photo: Ke$ha (Getty Images)

In Ke$ha’s party “Animal” anthem, she sings, “I’m not asleep, I’m up for the fight.”

And this wild child wasn’t kidding. Lately she’s been putting up her glow-in-the-dark dukes to defend what she believes – like designing a purple zebra t-shirt to support National Coming Out Day, rocking hammerhead gear to bring awareness to shark finning, and signing up to be the new Global Humane Society Ambassador.

Now we’ve got an exclusive, first-look at the Cannibal teen queen’s next crusade: she’s got beef with the Golden Arches.

In a letter Ke$ha penned on behalf of PETA, she gets real with Ronald and says, “It takes a lot to shock me, but when I read that McDonald’s is spending more than a billion dollars on store renovations but won’t invest a dime to upgrade its suppliers’ archaic slaughterhouses, I practically puked.”

In her letter, Ke$ha also mentions that chickens have their “legs and wings broken…throats slashed while they’re still conscious.” According to the glitter-lovin’ pop star, the chickens also get “scalded to death in de-feathering tanks.” Yikes!


It is important to note that Mickey D’s in Europe uses a different method to slaughter chickens called control atmosphere killing (CAK) and Ke$ha urges McDonalds across the country to use the same method. According to PETA, by using CAK, “the birds are dead before they are even removed from their crates—there is no violent flapping of wings or defecation, the air is cleaner to breathe, and there is no opportunity for abuse by workers.”

“Ke$ha puts her $ where her mouth is, that’s why we love her,” says Dan Mathews, vice president of PETA. “She represents a new generation that demands all animals be treated with respect.” Ke$ha is mos def an animal activist with such heart.

Before y’all jump on Team Ke$ha though we wanted to give McDonald’s a shot to speak up about the issue. We asked McDonald’s to respond to this story. They emailed us a response:

McDonald’s expects humane treatment of animals by our suppliers in every part of the world where we do business. McDonald’s requires our food suppliers to do the right thing – for animals,for humans, and for the environment.

McDonald’s works with leading independent animal welfare experts and makes decisions based upon science to promote continuous improvement in animal welfare . McDonald’s continues to support our chicken suppliers’ use of both controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) and electrical stunning. There is no conclusive scientific consensus that one practice is better than the other, however, we recognize that in either method, good management practices are critical.

The lack of scientific consensus was a primary reason for McDonald’s and our poultry suppliers to undertake CAS testing to gain first-hand knowledge of the technology. It is important to note that CAS is not a widespread practice in the U.S. There are virtually no commercially available facilities in the U.S. that use CAS technology. McDonald’s efforts to conduct this commercial scale test has provided a tangible set of applied results that are helping advance further understanding on this practice.

So there you have it. Both sides of the story. Which side are you on? And why?

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Take Action with Ke$ha

Take Action with Ke$ha

Send a letter to McDonald's asking them to use an USDA-approved method of chicken slaughter.

take action

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