Kelly Clarkson Is Engaged! We Celebrate Her Top Charitable Engagements To Date

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It seems like just yesterday three-time 2013 Grammy Awards nominee Kelly Clarkson won the first season of “American Idol,” but 10 years and 5 albums later, America’s sweetheart is all grown up and getting married to talent manager Brandon Blackstock!

We’re here to celebrate Kelly’s engagement and all of the amazing things she’s done leading up to it…but fiiiirst, check out the bling.

Photo: Who Say/Kelly Clarkson

Excuse me while I put my Ray Bans on! Firstly, to keep from being blinded by that diamond. Secondly, to hide the tears I shed whenever I compare my lonely left hand to Kelly’s, or Miley’s, or heck — probably Selena’s soon, too! Now, back to Kelly’s top philanthropic engagements:

+ Kelly Recorded a Personal Video for Patients at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

When a group of cancer patients at the Seattle Children’s Hospital recorded this moving cover of Kelly’s song “Stronger,” the pop diva took the time to return the love. She recorded a personal video for the kids, and even hinted at a future visit!

 + Kelly Helped Save The Music

Many of us saw Kelly’s bling for the first time during Sunday’s “VH1 Divas” special. The event benefited the Save The Music Foundation, which is dedicated to keeping music classes in America’s public schools.

 + Kelly’s a Big Supporter of March Of Dimes

Kelly has been a long-time supporter of March Of Dimes, an organization that helps expecting mothers have healthy pregnancies and newborns. Despite her crazy schedule, she finds the time to attend their March of Babies walks every year.

+ Kelly Promotes Healthy Body-Image

In the July 2012 issue of Redbook, Kelly revealed that while she works out, she has “no desire to be super skinny.” Over the years, Kelly has never given in to the unreasonable pressure Hollywood puts on women to be stick-thin.

+ “Dark Side” was nominated for a VMA for Best Video With A Message.

The first time I heard Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side,” I was like, “Yes! Finally somebody who understands me in my deepest, darkest, ‘Nobody loves me!’ moments.” The truth is that we all sometimes feel unlovable, but in those moments, we have to remember that we’re not alone.

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Become a Know It All

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